If you’d like to volunteer with the DPF, please fill out our Volunteer Form, save it to your computer and email it as an attachment to volunteer@disabledpatriotfund.org.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer member of the Disable Patriot Fund.

Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience and our volunteers provide crucial support and aid to the continuing mission of the Disabled Patriot Fund. We set the standard of excellence in providing needed assistance to our post 9-11 veterans whom were injured while serving in operations connected with the “War on Terror”.

Through the generous gift of time, talents and personal interests, our volunteers supplement the work of board members by offering many special services. The services include making sure that the veterans that come to our organization get the much needed help they deserve.

We host many events throughout the year to help raise funds such as our annual concert, golf outing, and family haunted house, just to name a few. These events require many man hours which are sometimes greater than what our board members are able to fulfill.

While there are a few specific volunteer benefits, the greatest award is the awareness that you are part of a team that helps make a difference to these veterans and their families. The assistance we provide to veterans in need give them a chance to stand tall once again and positively move forward with their lives.

Please take the time to review and complete our application. The information on the form will only be used to verify that the prospective volunteer has the organization’s best interest at heart. As much as we would love to have everyone at our side assisting, we do need to make sure everyone associated with our organization is involved for the right reasons. In the end, we will make sure the goals and service to our veterans in need always come first.

We want your volunteer time with the Disabled Patriot Fund to feel fulfilling and worthwhile, so if you you have any questions about our organization please feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to receiving your application and speaking with you very soon.


Phillip Bell & Gail Blummer
Co-Volunteer Coordinators