The Disabled Patriot Fund Cause

The DPF Cause

“Local Business Leaders Lead Way to Helping Wounded Vets.”

The Disabled Patriot Fund was formed in 2004 by a group of area business people and local officials who came together because of a common interest ~ to help disabled American veterans who have fought in the War on Terrorism. As our mission statement explains, our common goal is to “provide financial relief for Illinois U.S. military families who have been adversely affected by the War on Terror”.

Since 2004, we have had some of the founding board members retire and attained new members along the way. The one thing that has remained constant is everyone’s commitment to control the organization as an all-volunteer board to ensure that all donations to the Disabled Patriot Fund go to our main cause of helping our injured post 9-11 veterans in need of immediate assistance. The Disabled Patriot Fund is proud to be able to declare that approximately 90% of every dollar collected goes directly to the veterans and their families that are in need.

Today the Disabled Patriot Fund consists of 17 board members. Many of our board members come from all different backgrounds that include white & blue-collar businesspersons, retirees, ex-military and even a former recipient of the DPF. Together we voluntarily donate time raising funds for a cause that we believe in… make sure that those who protected our country from terrorism are supported & assisted in their time of need.

The men and women who are protecting our freedom are coming home with varying levels of physical and mental disabilities, In many cases, receiving minimal financial assistance from governmental agencies. Sometimes their disabilities do not arise until years later, adversely affecting and interrupting their lives, sometimes making the connection between injury and service connection even more difficult. When situations like this occur, we are there for them – we assist and support them to grow and move past the bad times, enabling them to achieve their goals and be successful and content members of society.

Please join us in thanking these young men and women by supporting the Disabled Patriot Fund through a donation, volunteering at our events, assisting with day-to-day operations and/or just joining us at one of our fundraisers to show your appreciation for all they have done for us. What better reason to give back than to help those within our community who have sacrificed so much?

Thank you for your support!